How We Manufacture The Custom Lighting?

  • Custom lighting design

Just let us know the lighting idea in your mind or the photos you have, our experienced engineers will figure out its structure and decide its materials, coming out with precise shop drawings for your confirmation before any custom lighting production.

  • Start with qualified raw materials

It is always good to begin something with the end in mind. To produce custom lighting fixture with premium quality, we are choosing high-quality raw materials according to confirmed shop drawings, it can be stainless steel, glass, fabric or any other material type as design required. Especially for the electrical parts, we only use the certificated driver and LED Chip which suitable for your country regulation.

  • Blank metal frame manufacturing

This is one of the crucial processes to make sure the lighting fixture compliance to customer design. This procedure including laser cutting, recessing, metal folding, drilling hole, weld connection, polishing. Our skilled production staffs have an eye for details and ensure all parts are made to required dimension for perfect appearance and functions. We assure precise manufacturing with the minimum relative error for our custom lighting fixtures.

  • Surface finishing

The surface finishing can be either electroplating or powder coated, so to ensure smooth finishing and best protection for the custom lighting fixtures. We have a strict standard for making good finishing so cover all the part of blank metal, especially the welded point, the edge, the backside. It is all about details for this manufacturing step.

  • Lighting Assembly and Testing

In this step, our skilled team assembly all part of custom lighting fixture strictly according to our standard operating procedure and production shop drawings. Followings will be a series testing for 100% quantity: min. 4 hours aging testing and wattage testing for all built-in LED products, slope testing for all table light and floor light, all assembled luminaires will be installed to re-check the overall design and lighting performance.

  • Package Arrangement

We clear each corner of our custoom lighting before their package. As each custom lighting is in different design, we design their own styrofoam and carton  to match the fixtures well, to make sure they are in good protection during transportation, as well as user-friendly when you open the package for their installation.

  • After-sales Fulfillment

Having been supplying our custom lighting fixture to various projects, after-sales service is an integral part of our product’s lifecycle. Goodlux team provides repair, logistics, and technology support for all our custom lighting fixture. Reliability is the key to all the things we do.