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How We Arrange Quality Control for Our Custom Lighting?

Goodlux lighting carries out quality management framework concentrated on overall lighting fixture quality control. It is a strict management approach that works across the company, involving all departments and workers and extending to all raw material suppliers with whom we work.

From material sourcing to final outgoing inspection, quality control is carefully monitored. At Goodlux Lighting facilities, the in-process checkup is an overall effort performed at each stage of lighting manufacturing, not only achieving but exceeding customer satisfaction. There are following steps that are undertaken as part of Goodlux Lighting’s quality control system.

  • Raw material inspection

We select our raw material suppliers with a strict standard, most of whom have now been working with us for over 5 years. All raw material parts are inspected by our experienced quality control team to make sure they are qualified as components for high-quality lighting fixtures.

  • In-process quality control

Our in-process quality control is carried out by our skilled workers and advanced facilities in our factory, each cutting, hole drilling, and welding is processed strictly according to production shop drawings with minimum room for error. Especially for small separate parts, we arrange pre-installation to ensure all parts match well.

  • Finishing inspection

At Goodlux Lighting, our quality control team is extremely picky with all finishing inspections, not allowing any scratches, flaws or color difference on the final products.

  • Completed product inspection

After assembly is completed, 100% of the completed products go through rigorous testing, including electric leaking testing, circuit wire test, wattage testing, as well as minimum 4 hours aging testing and slope testing(for table and floor lamp).

  • Package inspection

Our package teams have extremely high standards when it comes to arranging the packing materials for our lighting fixtures. We use full styrofoam and other supporting materials to prevent any movement or shaking inside the carton. Total customized styrofoam and wooden pallets are always our choice for fragile lighting fixtures.

  • Quality control for LED chips and drivers

Last but certainly not least, we select only the highest and most stable quality LED chips and drivers for our lighting fixtures. For LED chips, we use only the following brands: CREE, Bridgelux, Samsung, Epistar. For LED drivers, we use the Eaglerise and Mean Well brands in most cases.