Goodlux Hotel Project: Wanda Realm Hotel, Heshan China

//Goodlux Hotel Project: Wanda Realm Hotel, Heshan China

Goodlux Project: Custom Lighting for Wanda Realm Hotel, Heshan China

As a professional manufacturer of custom lighting, we are always committed to providing high-level guide and service on custom lighting for our customers.

Next, we will take Wanda Realm Hotel as an example to show the specific application of our custom hospitality lighting.

Wanda Realm Hotel, as one of the five major hotel brands of Wanda Hotels and Resorts, is positioned to be a premium hotel brand. With the international five-star hotel service standard, it aims to create a high-level living experience for business people or common visitors.

Heshan Wanda Realm Hotel is located in Heshan City, Guangdong Province, covering an area of 22,924 square meters and has been opened since 2019. As its custom hospitality lighting manufacturer, we have provided many custom hotel lighting for them, which includes the custom chandeliers, pendant lights, table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps.

Following are some custom lighting effectiveness in Wanda Realm Hotel provided by our company. We hope that this case can give you some inspiration for your next hospitality lighting projects.

1. Custom pendant light for the lobby

Goodlux custom pendant light for the lobby

Because of the modern simple style of its overall design, we choose the cluster of custom pendant light as its lobby light, rather than the traditional magnificent chandelier.

In terms of the specific design, the pendant light is made of more than 800 handmade colored glaze pieces and each piece is different in its shape and color.

Considering the simple installation design, the colored glaze pieces are connected to the steel wire hanging from the ceiling of the lobby, which will reflect the light from the ceiling spotlight directly.

This kind of hotel lobby lighting can help to highlight the unique decoration style of this hotel. Also, compared to direct illumination from the ceiling, the light through reflection will be softened and enhance the aesthetic feeling of its lobby atmosphere visually.

2. Custom lighting for lobby bar and lounge

Goodlux three-meters long modern style custom pendant light for hotel lobby bar

nine acrylic shades pendant lights for tea table

Suspended over the bar, there is a three-meters long modern style custom pendant light hanging from the ceiling. Besides that, the platform is equipped with four simple-design table lamps, with cement made lamp bases and amber glass made lampshades.

For the area of the lounge, we arrange some Chinese-style hotel floor lamps standing on both sides. The long tea table behind will be illuminated by nine acrylic pendant lights hanging side by side.

The overall design of the lobby bar and lounge will contribute to a comfortable atmosphere for the guests to relax or have a good time with their family and friends.

3. Custom chandelier for elevator hall

Goodlux custom leaf shape chandelier for elevator hall

shop drawing of custom leaf shape chandelier for elevator hall

The magnificent custom chandelier is always used for decorating the elevator hall, which aims to create nice vertical effectiveness for the waiting guests.

Each custom chandelier for the elevator hall is almost 5 meters long and 4 meters wide.
It is comprised of 3~4 leap-like illumination body, these illumination bodies are from 1 to2 meters long, with high-quality stainless steel as its main material. Their surfaces are painted by titanium-gold electroplating, the mesh surfaces are woven into a network of K9 double-crystal.

The custom chandelier for the elevator hall can represent the decoration taste of a hotel. Elevator hall, as a place with large flow of people, deserves to be decorated with a magnificent custom chandelier, which can make a profound impression on the guests.

4. Custom pendant light for banquet hall corridor

Goodlux custom pendant light for banquet hall corridor

Shop drawing of custom pendant light for banquet hall corridor

The custom hotel lighting for the banquet hall corridor are largely of unique and gorgeous, which is used to provide ambience lighting for the corridor.

The overall lighting covers an area of 1.7 meters wide and 21.9 meters long and are supported by 3000pcs hand-blown amber glass tube, with a spiral arrangement on the ceiling. The number of GU10 spotlight reaches 510 pieces, which are installed on the ceiling base plate.

Once the guests reach the corridor, they will be attracted by these custom pendant light and immerse into an atmosphere of grand before stepping into the banquet hall.

5. Custom pendant light for the banquet hall

Goodlux custom pendant light for the banquet hall

Shop drawing of custom pendant light for the banquet hall

For banquet hall, custom chandelier absolutely can be said a good choice, which will help to create a grand but magnificent environment for the guests.

The custom lighting of the banquet hall here can be said to be a decoration group, which is comprised of the same six custom chandeliers. Each chandelier is 4700 long and 3820mm wide.

Just like the custom pendant light of the corridor, it is supported by hand-blown amber glass tubes, which can be designed to be different shapes according to the overall design.

6. Custom hotel lighting for the guest room

Goodlux custom chandelier for hotel executive suite

Goodlux custom lighting for deluxe room 1

Goodlux custom lighting for deluxe room 2

The hotel rooms are equipped with many kinds of custom lighting, including custom chandeliers, custom wall lamps and custom floor lamps. According to the different features and functions of different rooms, we make some adjustments to the style of hotel room lighting.

For the executive suite, to meet its commercial function and luxury feature, we choose the custom chandelier for its living room and custom pendant light for its bedroom.
When the guests need to work or have a meeting in the living room, the custom chandelier, except for providing ambience lighting, can create a more commercial and formal environment compared to normal light.
Similarly, the custom pendant light in the bedroom remains both of the functionality and aesthetic feature.

For deluxe room and family room, to cater for its simple style, it’s more suitable to choose some modern style custom pendant light and floor light.
On the one hand, they can provide ambient lighting for the room. Meanwhile, they can provide a comfortable reading atmosphere for the guests who wish to read on the bed.

Through this case, we believe you have had a further understanding of hospitality lighting.

As a professional custom lighting manufacturer, we can provide you effective advice on custom hotel lighting, no matter on design, installation or ordering.

So, to give a perfect living feeling to your guests, please connect with us quickly when you plan for your hospitality lighting project.