We can customize lighting fixtures in any design for your projects

Custom Chandeliers

Custom chandeliers are the essential part for any space which demands attention, besides its illumination function, they can give a pleasant surprise to hotel clients, and can reflect the taste and personality of the space owner.
Goodlux Lighting can provide you any custom chandeliers that match your interior design best, we can produce according to your design idea, in any size with any required material and finishes.

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Custom Pendant Lights

The custom pendant lights can be in the same design style, either material or finish, as your furniture and other interior decors, to make your space look perfect.
We can manufacture any custom pendant lights for hotel, villa, and other commercial projects, it is our responsibility to make your custom pendant light idea into a real product with excellent quality.

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Hotel Table Lamps

Hotel table lamps use widely in guestroom as well as in the public area of hospitality space, in most cases it needs to be customized as designers need something matching the whole interior design.
Hotel desk lamps also use a lot in the writing desk of hotel guestroom, usually, they have the design of simplicity, with adjustable height and lighting direction.
Goodlux Lighting can produce countless choices of custom table lamps to meet your different design need, you can be totally free on your hotel table lamps design, just let us do the manufacturing.

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Hotel Floor Lamps

Hotel floor lamps always design to be a pair or similar style with the table lamps when using for hotel guestroom, custom floor lamps also used widely in the common area of the hospitality space, creating functional and comfortable space for hotel clients.

Goodlux Lighting has a wide range of floor lamps for your hotel projects, and you can contact us to customize your style easily.

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Custom Wall Lights

Custom wall lights are widely used in guestroom bedside, bathrooms, hallway, lift lobby, and stairway of the hospitality area. They are one of the lighting fixture types that used in the biggest quantity for a hotel project, which can decorate the wall and create a comfortable atmosphere.
We have amazing design choice of custom wall lights for your projects, all they are customizable in size and finishes, you can customize a total new design as well.

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Bedside reading lamps

Bedside reading lamps are one type of wall scone that focusing more on its lighting function, easy-to-use for reading purposes when sitting in bed.
We have been manufacturing various designs of bedside reading lamps, you can definitely find the suitable one match your project need. Still need some more choices? Easy for us to customize them for you.

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