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Bedside Reading Lamps - Goodlux Lighting
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Bedside Reading Lamps

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We can produce your bedside reading lamps using any design and with super quality

Bedside reading lamps are an indispensable part of any premium hotel guest room. Usually, a beside side wall lamp comes with a gooseneck LED light, or just a simple movable structure with an LED light mounted on the wall/headboard that’s suitable for reading purposes.

Having been manufacturing bedside reading lamps for so many luxury hotel projects over past years, we understand that the most important aspects are lighting output and design simplicity. We use CREE LED chips for all our reading lamps to maintain high lumen output and high color rendering index (CRI>85). Moreover, we carry out a minimum of 4 hours of aging testing for all our LED reading lights before packaging, ensuring the stable performance of all lighting parts.


Bedside Reading Lamps