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Custom Chandeliers

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Manufacturing your custom chandeliers with Goodlux Lighting

Aesthetics and structural safety are the two most important elements for custom chandeliers, especially for extra-large chandeliers. We have 15 years’ experience in manufacturing large chandeliers for hotels and other commercial projects, including normal-size chandeliers in various styles and large hotel lobby chandeliers with dimensions of over 10 meters.

For all of our custom chandlers, we go through at least two trial installations during the manufacturing procedure, the first after rough metal parts are completed and the second after finishes are done. This ensures that the chandelier can be installed safely and perfectly at the job site.

We take all electrical and lighting parts seriously. All of our chandeliers must pass strict testing, including hipot, electrical leakage, and aging testing.

Simply provide us with your custom chandelier design drawing or tell us about your design idea – we’ll take care of everything else for you.

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