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Custom Pendant Lights

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Why choose Goodlux Lighting for your custom pendant lights?

Custom pendant lights are among our most important range of lighting fixtures that we supply. We can manufacture your custom pendant light using any material type, including various kinds of metals, glass, stone, concrete, wood, fabric, rattan, and resin. Thanks to our strong connection with all these raw material suppliers, we can make sure your custom pendant lights are both stylish and unique.

In most cases, pendant lights focus more on illumination than do chandeliers. Based on your custom pendant light design, we can suggest the most suitable light source solution for your needs, ensuring the highest possible lighting output as well as easy maintenance.

Nowadays, most hotel projects require pendant lights with a dimming function. We are familiar with Triac, 1~10V, and DALI dimming systems, so we’re able to provide you with the perfect dimming solution for your pendant light design.