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Hotel Table Lamps

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Why we are good at hotel table lamps?

Hotel table lamps are one of the most important elements of hotel room lighting. We have been supplying our custom table lamps to luxury hotel projects for many years, including the Shangri-La, Sheraton, and Four Seasons. They trust our manufacturing capacity and quality standard.

We can make any hotel style table lamps with any required materials, and with multiple functions such as wireless charger, power outlets and USB ports. Please feel free to go through our range of table lamps to gain some ideas for your hotel room lighting design.

    Hotel table lamp introduction

    Hotel table lamps are something you cannot avoid when you plan to purchase custom lighting fixtures for a hotel project. But do you know how to choose the perfect hotel table lamp for your project?

    In this article, I’m going to give you a brief introduction to hotel table lamps, covering the regular types, functions, materials, light source of hotel table lamps, and some tips for you, as a way to help you get the proper hotel lamp you want.

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    Now let’s start with the characteristics of the lamp and you will know what it is.

    Glass hotel table lamp in hallway area

    1.What is hotel table lamp?

    Hotel table lamps are different from ordinary table lamps, for they are customized based on the hotel style, room size, and functions.

    What makes hotel table lamps so special?
    1. More creative and decorative in appearance
    2. Diversified functions
    3. Capable of meeting various needs of hotel guests

    Crystal hotel table lamp in public area

    2.The best scenarios to use hotel table lamps?

    According to different scenarios, hotel table lamps can be divided into three kinds as the following:

    Bedside table lamp/nightstand lamp
    Bedside table lamps and nightstand lamps are placed at the bedside of the hotel guestroom.
    What for?
    Let me show you the functions they have.

    The bedside table lamp can create an atmosphere of coziness through soft light, making sure you feel relaxed and easily fall asleep.

    It’s also a good choice to decorate the hotel guestroom. No matter the simple and elegant ones, or the luxurious ones, they can be well-matched hotel style. So they are also regarded as an art.
    Besides, the bedside table lamp and nightstand lamp can be used for reading before the guest’s bedtime.

    The characteristics of the hotel bedside table lamp and nightstand lamp:
    a) Usually small in size
    b) With soft light (small wattage light source)
    c) Not using fragile materials, such as glass, to ensure the table lamp is of safety

    Hotel desk lamp
    Hotel desk lamps are always seen on the desk of the hotel guestroom, its major function is for task lighting in hotel room.

    What characteristics the hotel desk lamps have?

    The lamp is simple in exterior, and of portability. Since it’s used for reading and writing as task lighting, usually you can adjust the height of the lamp post, the lighting direction and light intensity according to your preference, so to have the best working experience.

    Hotel accent table lamp
    I can say that the hotel accent table lamp is more a decoration than a lighting fixture.

    They often appear in the public area of a hotel, such as the reception desk in the lobby and the rest area.

    This kind of hotel table lamp is much larger, heavier and more sumptuous, stressing the delicacy of the hotel and better decorating the lobby with more visual feasts.

    As an ornament, the hotel accent table lamp also can be used to meet the needs of reading and working.

    Hotel table lamp for hotel guestroom

    3. What are the most popular materials for hotel table lamp?

    First, you need to know that a hotel table lamp consists of two parts– the major body of the lamp and the lampshade.

    The major body part of the lamp, or the lamp base, is often made of metal, glass, crystal, ceramics, cement, wood, or resin.

    As for the lampshade, cloth, glass, acrylic, and paper are the most common choices.

    These materials can become a kaleidoscope of colors, match with a variety of hotel styles, and meet all kinds of requirements for the hotel space design.

    Tradtional hotel table lamp with USB port, power outlet, and charging station

    4. How to choose the light source for hotel table lamps

    Hotel table lamps usually operate a long time in a day, especially the accent table lamps in the hotel public area, which have to be in service all day long.

    Given the service life of the light source and the maintenance cost in the later period, Replaceable LED can be your first picks, such as E27/E26, E14/E12, G9, GU10, and the like.

    It’s the best way to keep the service life of the light source as long as possible while being easily replaceable and energy-saving.

    Integrated LED can be a good choice for some hotel table lamps with special design, if there has not got enough space for replaceable light source.

    In addition, an integrated LED is also a regular pick for many hotel desk lamps, ensuring it easy to dim the light and have better control over the illumination angle.

    Hotel desk lamp with USB port, power outlet, and charging station

    5.Hotel table lamp with USB port, power outlet, and charging station

    To better satisfy the various needs of hotel guests, more and more diversified functions of hotel table lamps have been developed, especially that of bedside table lamps and desk lamps.

    Nowadays, more and more hotel table lamps are coming with a USB port, power outlet, and wireless charger.

    Want to know what these functions are for?
    Let’s go ahead. I’ll tell you about it one by one.

    Table lamp with USB port:
    What is the first thing travelers may do the instant they enter the guestroom? Probably recharging their phones and devices.

    The hotel table lamps with a USB port can not only facilitate charging, but also let people lie on the bed while getting drown in their smartphones.

    Table lamp with power outlet:
    Except for phones, travelers may have other gadgets that need charging, such as razors and hair dryers. In this situation, an outlet will help them a lot.

    Table lamp with wireless charger:
    What if travelers forget to bring USB cables? How can they charge their phones?

    A wireless charger would save their day, if the table lamps in the guestroom had one.

    It’s very user-friendly cause you just need to put your phone on the charger, then the charger will take care of the rest.

    Glass hotel accent table lamp in reception desk

    6. Customize your hotel table lamp

    How to customize your hotel table lamp? There are a lot of details you need to take into consideration.
    The following are some aspects you need to know.

    a) The style of the table lamp is modern, classic, luxurious, or simple? It is decided by the hotel style. Both two have to match each other.

    b) The size of the hotel table lamp is decided by the size of the space where the lamp is placed.

    c) The material and finishing of the lamp base and lampshade are concerned with the design style.

    d) The proper type of light source is depended on its application scenarios, and the overall table lamp design

    e) Consider if your hotel table lamp needs the functions such as USB port, power outlet or wireless charger, and decide if adding these functions will influence the design of your table lamp?

    hotel table lamp in slope testing tilt testing

    7. Tips for you to purchase the hotel table lamp

    After reading the article above, I believe that you have got the basic information about the hotel table lamp, and the type you like.
    Now let me give you some tips to help you purchase the hotel table lamp.

    First, quality matters.
    You can just order some samples to check if the manufacturer can reach your quality standard.

    One hotel project will need a great number of table lamps, for the guestroom in particular, the order quantity can be like 200 to 500 pieces.

    Therefore, it is a must to order few samples in the initial stage, ensuring the table lamp design and quality can meet your requirements.

    Second, the devil is in the details.
    The quality relies on how much attention you pay to the details.

    Thus, when receiving the hotel table lamp samples, you should examine the material used, surface finishing, safety labels, and other aspects, making sure that every part is just as perfect as what you want.

    Third, inspection and testing is a must.
    A series of testing is necessary for manufacturing a hotel table lamp, just like other lamps.

    During your inspection, the table lamp should go through testing by your QC staff or 3rd party inspection agency, guaranteeing that the table lamp is up to the safety standard of your country’s regulation.

    Beyond that, slope testing, or called tilt testing, is a must for your hotel table lamp, it’s a reliable way to verify the stability of your table lamp.

    Fourth, keep an eye on the package.
    As each hotel table lamp is in different design and shape, especially some with special design, attention should be paid to the package arrangement.

    You have to make sure that each corner of the lamp is well matched with the packing materials.

    Particularly, for some fragile parts, including lampshades, and the lamp base made of glass and ceramics, the package should be perfect so to better protect the product during long transportation.

    Having read the entire article, you must have had a more specific idea about the hotel table lamp you want.

    To get the product you want, firstly you should get to know about it. Now that you have got the brief introduction to the table lamp, you are more like an expert when purchasing it.

    However, you may find it hard to find a product that each aspect is as perfect as you expect. So you also have to learn to weigh the pros and cons carefully.

    Are there some key points or something useful that you want to add in this article about hotel table lamp? If so, please contact us. I’d like to hear from you.